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Material Sourcing
Consultancy and Logistic services

Being in touch with many Italian companies and quarries we are able to provide a wide range of building materials, such as marble , granite, onyx, travertine and wood, for both interior or exterior applications.


We work as exclusive agents for some of the most important quarries in Italy, ensuring the direct connection with the quarry owners and focusing on both supplier’s and customer’s satisfaction.


Moreover we practice scouting activities to find new materials from all around the world to give to our customers every time new possibilities.


We can provide:


  • Our material portfolio ensuring direct access to the SOURCE.

  • Technical examination on quarries and supplier’s facilities

  • Assistance on stone selection according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Providing samples and assisting you in the selection of the right range according to the nature of the Stone/material.

  • Inspection of blocks, slabs, and finished products to ensure the correspondence with respect to the specifications

  • Technical Tests to define the Natural Caracteristict of the material and suggestions for its application

  • Laboratories to perform tests, Mock up and dry lay.

  • Companies able to realize finished products, from standard cut-to-size to special works, always “Made in Italy”

  • Standard documentation about material, test, finishing in order to ensure high quality standards during the whole production process.

  • Focus on high and exclusive products.



Following various projects all around the world and starting from our knowledge about materials, we developed a special sensitivity about fashion and trends, so we can:


  • Assist Architects, Designers and Contractors to define the proper materials for each project

  • Suggest alternative materials/solutions according budget timing and priorities

  • Coordinate all the logistic activities to ensure the delivery according timing, cost and special requirements


Luxury goods

As a plus we can offer a consultancy service for artworks and luxury home decor

Practice Areas
  • Marble & Stones

  • Logistic Services

  • Luxury

  • Hotels/Villas

  • Architecture

  • Design & Engineering

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